About Us

Arpen is a joint venture between Private Investors and a union of mayan growers. Our factory was founded over 56 years ago and primarily serves customers in the United States and Europe.

Mayan farmers have a treasure on their land, located in the southeast of Mexico. At ARPEN we take on the challenge of generating change by bringing fruit delicacies from the Yucatan countryside and connecting with the food markets in other parts of the world, with an accent on sustainability.

Approximately 100 people work in our plant in administrative, operations, maintenance and quality assurance areas. Additionally, we operate a tree nursery that produces high-quality fruit trees: citrus, tropical and forest fruits: Vivero Arpen and we are developing a philanthropic project with the Dutch Foundation reNature for the establishment of an Agroforestry Center that provides free advice and training to producers in the region.

Our main objective is to generate synergies with growers in the region by planting both citrus and tropical fruit trees such as guava, passion fruit, mamey and soursop, among others. We intend to expand our extraction capacity while maintaining high quality standards.

Technological Capacity

Our certifications

We have the BRC GS type A certification of the GFSI initiative since 2021 to guarantee the safety, legality and harmlessness of our products. There is also a HACCP plan for detection and monitoring of threats throughout the production line. We are Kosher and Halal certified.

In 2020, an investment was made to install more than 900 solar panels that allow the generation and use of clean energy.


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